Simple and Powerful

With a single click per rack, obtain in real time the authentic situation of each shelf. Facing by SKU, OOS, Indicated Prices, Planogram Compliance and much more ...
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Only 15 seconds per rack

No need for fixed cameras or robots. Just 15 seconds with a smartphone and you will get all the information consolidated on the PC.

Unlimited photos

Our system does not have a limit on the number of photos. You can take photos at different times to check the out of stock in essential categories

Model photos

Each store manager takes a model photo according to the planogram. Comparing the daily photos against the model will obtain the compliance of the planogram at any time and in real time.

Total automation

The taken photos are automatically sent to the server and deleted from the smartphone. In this way, it is totally impossible to manipulate dates, places or implantations.

How does it work

Historically, retail and its suppliers invest a lot of money to know what happens with each product on the rack. With FocusOnShelf a simple photo is processed on our servers and returns in seconds the information. It is presented in different dashboards, designed according to each user.


Data Analysis

Our system allows the generation and consolidation of information in real time.
The control panels are tailored to each need and for each hierarchical level. The information to be delivered not only includes the photos, but also all the necessary metrics



100% automatic process


Elimination of human errors in control of implantations, promos and prices


Reduction cost on man-hours and per diem for the stores inspection


Visualization of information by regional level - country - store - product and / or supplier in real time


Benchmark between stores and with comptetitors. Ensuring competitiveness and ranking the best management teams


Alows generating information for suppliers, transforming the system into an additional business unit, without stock



100% French company


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