Image Recognition
by Artificial Intelligence
and Deep Learning

Be part of the revolution.

Automatic image recognition system for Hyper, Super and Convenience Stores.

With just a single click per rack and in real time, get: the actual situation of each shelf, facing by SKU, OOS, indicated prices, planogram compliance and much more….
Only 10 seconds per rack
No need for fixed cameras or robots. Just 10 seconds with a smartphone and you will have all the information consolidated on your PC.
Unlimited photos with a flat rate
Our system does not place a limit on the number of photos. You can take photos at anytime to check stock in each category.
Model photos
Each store manager takes a model photo according to the planogram. By comparing the daily photo with the model, compliance with the planogram can be obtained at any moment and in real time.
100% Automatic
The photos are automatically sent to the server and deleted from the smartphone. This way, it is completely impossible to manipulate dates, position or implantations.
How does it work?
Historically, retail and its suppliers have invested a great deal of money to know what is happening with each product on the rack. With Enlaight, a simple photo allows you to process this information on our servers and have the consolidated info returned to you in seconds. This info is presented on different dashboards, designed according to each user's needs.
Data Science
Each dashboard is tailor-made for all hierarchical levels and needs. Not only does the information to be delivered include the photos but also all required metrics.
100% automatic process.
Eliminating human errors in the control of implantations, promotional material and prices.
Reducing costs on both manpower-hours and in-store inspections of retail and suppliers.
Visualizing information by region - country – store – product and/or supplier in real time.
Benchmarking between stores and also with competitors. Ensuring competitiveness while ranking the best management teams.
Allowing generation of information for suppliers, resulting in transforming the system into an additional business unit - without stock!
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